Meeting of the students enrolled in the program “Serpin — 2050” with the supporters of the President

On February 18, 2016 in the Karaganda state technical University was held a meeting of students enrolled in the program “Serpin — 2050” with the supporters of the President: with the First Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Suleimenov T. S., a Laureate of the State prize Sarekenov K. Z.  and honorary metallurgists Omashev K. O., Tuleubaev E. I., Nikonov V. A.

In 2015 on  the program “Serpin — 2050” in the University were granted admission 316 students. Today, in order to obtain a higher engineering education with these groups to be 18 in high demand specialties.

During the meeting visited the centre of working professions (engineering) No. 1, laboratory of construction engineering, LIKE the centre, the welding Institute, an innovative laboratory “Schneider electric”, JSC “Imstalcon” branch of the Department “Welding and foundry manufacture”.

At the final meeting in the main building of KSTU considered issues regarding the implementation of this program: goals, objectives, features and achievements in the future. The students asked their questions in the context of this topic.

I hope that meeting with the associates of the President have contributed to the formation of a New Kazakhstan patriotism in our youth and professional engineering knowledge.