Event report

On October 25, 2019 at the Department of “Architecture and design” there was a scheduled meeting of students of the group Arch-19-4 with graduates of the specialty “Architecture” Herman Yuri Albertovich and Henry Rimma Alexandrovna.

The event was held within the framework of the special project “Tugan Zher” – the development of a small homeland, involving citizens in the development of their native land. Theme: “Architectural appearance of Karaganda”.

Herman Yu. a. talked with the first-year students about architecture, its role in the life of society, about the tasks facing students in the process of acquiring knowledge in the chosen specialty. The guest spoke about the formation of the architecture of Karaganda, its features, the most important objects, their role in shaping the image of the city and modern development trends.

Rimma Alexandrovna Henrikh spoke about the importance of studying each of the disciplines, as the whole complex of theoretical knowledge and practical skills will be required in various types of project activities.