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Education in the pedagogical sense.

In a broad pedagogical meaning, education is a specially organized, purposeful and manageable influence of the collective, educators on the educator in order to form his / her specified qualities, carried out in educational institutions and covering the entire educational process.

Aims and objectives of education.

The aims of education, as well as the goals of any human activity, are the starting point in the construction of the entire system of education, its content, methods, principles.

The goal is a perfect model of the activity. The purpose of education  pre-determined idea of the result of the educational process, the qualities, the state of the individual, which is expected to form. The choice of goals of education can not be random.

As historical experience shows, the aims of education are formed under the influence of the changing needs of society and under the influence of philosophical, psychological and pedagogical concepts. The dynamism and variability of the aims of education are confirmed by the current state of this problem.

Modern pedagogical practice is guided by two basic concepts of the aims of education: pragmatic; humanistic.

In a narrow pedagogical meaning, education is a process and the result of educational work aimed at solving specific educational problems.

The goal of upbringing is what the upbringing strives for, the future to which its efforts are directed

The purpose of education – is what education strives for, the future to which its efforts are directed.Physical education – is an integral part of almost all educational systems. Physical education contributes to the development of youth qualities necessary for successful mental and work activity.

KVN team of the ICS department Elections to student parliamentarian

Labor education – covers those aspects of the educational process, where labor actions are formed, industrial relations are formed, tools of labor and ways of their using are studied. Work in the process of education acts as a leading factor in the development of personality.

Polytechnic education is aimed at familiarizing with the basic principles of all productions, mastering knowledge about modern production processes and relationships. The main aims of the Polytechnic education-the formation of interest in industrial activity, the development of technical abilities, new economic thinking, ingenuity, entrepreneurship. Properly delivered Polytechnic education develops diligence, discipline, responsibility, prepares for a conscious choice of profession.

Holding the festive event “Nauryz” dedicated to the Year of Youth

Curator of the group IS-18-1 Sagatbekova D.E.

Moral education – forms moral concepts, judgments, feelings and beliefs, skills and habits of behavior corresponding to the norms of society. The moral education of the younger generation is based on human values, enduring moral norms developed by people in the process of the historical development of society, as well as new principles and norms that have arisen at the present stage of society development.

Aesthetic (emotional) uprising — the basic component of the goal of education and educational system, generalizing the development of aesthetic ideals, needs and tastes of pupils. Objectives of aesthetic education can be divided into two groups — the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and formation of practical skills. The first group of tasks solves the issues of introduction to aesthetic values, and the second — the active inclusion in aesthetic activities.

Quiz on information technologies of KARGTU

In April, 2014 the Karaganda state technical university (IS chair) together with Plusmikro LLP the Center of competence ERAM Systems of Kazakhstan for the fourth time, held an interuniversity quiz on information technologies among students of “EPAM Systems-2014”.ERAM Systems the largest software developer to the CIS to the Central and Eastern Europe came to the market of Kazakhstan in 2008, having united with the Karaganda company “Plusmikro”.

The purpose of carrying out a quiz is identification of the most gifted young people having the corresponding knowledge and skills for the solution of the tasks connected with introduction of new information technologies, stimulation of interest in research activity.

40 students from different higher education institutions of Karaganda took part in a quiz on information technologies.

Contestants solved 10 problems of programming and answered 20 questions in the field of IT technologies. At an assessment of tasks judges considered efficiency of the made algorithm, the interface of the user and originality of the decision.

Sponsorship to action was given by Plusmikro LLP. As prizes sponsors of a quiz offered: the tablet, the e-book reader, the external hard drive USB HDD, certificates on training in R@D EPAM Systems laboratory.

Winners of a quiz

Prize-winners of a quiz became:

The I place — Rakhimzhan Bakhtiyar (KARGTU, gr. VT-13-2),

The II place — Sabalyauskas Maxim (KARGTU, gr. VT-10-2),

The III place — Muslim Ertugan (KARGTU, gr. VT-12-1).

EPAM Systems is the reliable partner for difficult and large-scale projects and steadily remains the recognized leader in such areas, as:

–    development, testing, maintenance and support of the custom-made software and business applications;

–    integration of appendices on the basis of products of SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft;

–    creation of the allocated centers of development (the centers of competence), the centers of testing and quality control of the software;

–    IT consulting taking into account branch specifics of business.

Partners in decisions and technologies are the leading global manufacturers of the software, and also developers of the innovative technologies necessary for creation of the advanced software: IBM Advanced Business Partner, ISV with Certified Integration, SAP Service Partner, Oracle ISV Gold Partner, Adobe Business Partner, Thomson Reuters Solution Partner, Informatica Partner, etc.

It is undoubted that similar actions are useful, after all they give the chance to students to develop, estimate and increase the level of the preparation. Winners and participants of the Quiz, have opportunity to increase the level of knowledge and abilities, participating in trainings which are provided in R@D EPAM Systems laboratory opened in KARGTU in 2011. The program of training of trainings includes three special courses on the most modern and demanded industrial technologies of development and testing of the software. In three years of existence R@D laboratories were trained more than 200 people a third from which became employees of EPAM Systems.

The quiz — is chance to show the skills and knowledge, the first step on the way of formation of the professional in the field of information technologies.

Members of the organizing committee:

Доцент Tomilova N. I.,

Senior lecturer of the Department of IСS Amirov A.Zh.,

Senior lecturer of the Department of IСS Shakirova Yu.K.

Educational work on chair is performed, agrees to the plans made by each curator, according to recommendations of administration, dean’s office, the Concept of modern model of development and realization of educational work and the planned schedule of patriotic education of students on the example of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the work curators of groups are guided by Model of patriotic education which was twice discussed and approved at a meeting of the Round table of Mazhilis of Parliament of RK, is recommended for all HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Kazakhstan and is a priority of KARGTU. On its basis plans of curator hours and educational work of faculty were developed.

KVN team of IVS chair Elections in the student’s parliamentarian

At stands of chair there is evident information on the state symbols of RK; on promotion of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of AIDS, fight against drug addiction, alcoholism, on patriotic and legal education and on the quality management system (QMS). Students of IСS chair actively participate in sports competitions, sports contests, the Olympic Games, round tables, various actions which are carried out by KARGTU, city and regional akimats, actions at the level of the republic.