An intellectual game on the knowledge of the Kazakh traditions and customs “The great value of folk traditions” took place in the House of Friendship of KSU “Kohamdyk kelesіm” of the akim’s office of Karagadi region

The Intellectual game “Great value of national traditions» 

On March 29,in the House of Friendship KSU “Kogamdik kelecem” of the akim of the Karaganda region in the framework of the program, Rouhani Ganguro was held intellectual game on the knowledge of Kazakh traditions and customs “the Great value of folk traditions.” The event was held within the framework of implementation of the key directions of “rukhani Zhangyru” aimed at popularization of the Kazakh language, culture, history, philosophy and values of the Kazakh people.

This game was attended by students of colleges of Karaganda and representatives of Regional ethno-cultural associations, according to the results of three rounds 1 and 2 place was awarded to the team “Tulpar” and “Sunkar”, a team of students of the College of innovative technologies of Karstu.

Participants of the game were representatives of Polish, German, Cossack associations and students of Russian speakers. The prize Fund for the 1st place was 35,000 tenge, and the 2nd place-20,000 tenge.

The purpose of this event was the formation and development of communicative culture, to cultivate love for the Motherland, respect for other cultures and peoples, to the elders, to the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people.