Volunteer project “Letter to Santa Claus”.

New Year is one of the holidays that brings joy to the mind and warms the heart. New Year is a common holiday of the peoples of the world. It seems that as the holidays approach, there will be changes in the environment. The whole world is like a trip to a fairy tale world. On New Year’s Day, close people give gifts to each other. All mankind expresses and conveys good wishes to their loved ones, colleagues, friends, neighbors.

Within the walls of Karaganda Technical University named after Abilkas Saginov, youth charitable organization “Akniet” implements projects aimed at solving social, sports, cultural-economic, environmental and other problems of society. “Akniet” organization is a voluntary association of students and employees who want to do selfless work in various fields. The Volunteer Center aims to educate volunteers in the spirit of humane treatment of people, protection of their life and health, respect for human personality, patriotism and active lifestyle. Under the leadership of “Akniet” organization, an event is organized at the university every year “Letter to Santa Claus” with the participation of teachers and students. The purpose of this action is to provide assistance to socially needy children from families and to provide social welfare to underprivileged children. In order to implement the event, the curator of the “Higher mathematics” department Tuleutaeva J.M. and TT-23-2, students of TT-23-2 group fulfilled Abisheva Daria’s wish. We believe that Daria will become a self-confident and educated citizen in the future.