Military signalmen celebrated their centenary!

“Military signalman’s day” is a professional holiday of military signalmen in all military branches and in all Communication Services of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The holiday is timed to the day of formation of special communications troops – October 20, 1919.

Military communications are a daily difficult work of signalmen, as well as constant work on the development and use of the latest equipment and data transmission methods. Military signalmen are often at the forefront, since the most important task lies on the shoulders of military signalmen – ensuring communication between the commanding personnel of military units and the military personnel performing their tasks. Military communications are an essential element in the management of military units both in battle and in peacetime.

The work of a military signalman is daily work and the fulfillment of combat and training tasks not only on stationary systems, but also on mobile ones. That is why the military profession of a signalman is given today, and at all times a lot of attention.

In 2007, training of reserve officers in the specialty “Organization of communications in the ground forces” begins at the military department of the Karaganda State Technical University. Many of them serve in the Armed Forces in various positions. In total, over 300 communication specialists graduated from the military department of KSTU during the training period from the 2007 to 2019 academic years.

In honor of the holiday, a military event was held at the military department on October 18, 2019 to honor officers and students of the military-accounting specialty “Organization of communications in the ground forces.” The event ended with a concert program.