Contribution of the scientist of the Karaganda Technical University in the development of robotics

Robotics, as the most important direction of “Industry 4.0”, determines the level of scientific and technological development of the country.

It should be noted that Kazakhstan scientists make a significant contribution to the development of the theory and practice of robotics at the global rate.

Such scientists rightfully include Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of Karaganda Technical University Sholanov Korganbay Sagnayevich.

Over 30 years K.S. Sholanov deals with robot mechanics. Over the years, he created and developed the theory of parallel manipulators. This is a new direction in robotics. Working samples of robots have been developed and tested. He published the results of his scientific research in top-rated publications and materials of international conferences, prepared one doctor and two candidates of technical sciences in the specialty “Robotics and robotic systems”. In recent years, Professor K.S. Sholanov trains specialists with higher education, as well as scientific and pedagogical personnel. Under his leadership, on the basis of parallel manipulators, new types of wave and wind energy sources were created, which he dreams of introducing in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Springer Publishing House, the largest international company that specializes in the publication of academic journals and books in natural sciences (theoretical science, medicine, economics, engineering, architecture, construction and transport), became interested in the professor’s research and scientific works. Recently, Springer published a monograph “Parallel Robot Manipulators” by Korganbai Sagnayevich in English.

The monograph, published in English by a prestigious foreign publishing house, will undoubtedly attract the attention of leading experts and scientists in the field of robotics.

The fact that the scientific works of our scientist in such an urgent direction as robotics are of interest to foreign scientists, it is an honor not only for the author, but also to the level of relevant scientific research at the Karaganda Technical University.