Visit of Dr. Shepanski with a delegation from the Government of the Fund named after Konrad Adenauer

May 17 in the auditorium of the University before the faculty and students of the universities were made by doctor of technical Sciences from Germany Mrs Dagmar Sepanski.

Dr. Sepanski arrived with a delegation from the Government of the Fund named after Konrad Adenauer. Its membership also included former Minister of science, research and art of Thuringia, the former President of the Landtag, member of German Bundestag Mr. Tacred Sepanski.

The Fund named after Konrad Adenauer Foundation was established in December 1955 in the cities of Berlin and Bonn.

Since 2007 in Kazakhstan began the work of the Foundation’s office in Kazakhstan, particularly in Astana.

The main projects along with the scholarship program and youth workshops is the development of local self-government. Activities for the development of local self-government are carried out in cooperation with the Parliament of Kazakhstan.

 In the field of education is to support students of Kazakhstan Universities in the form of a grant. Applicants selected from students studying at universities of Kazakhstan having the citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Grant (in the amount of 70000 tenge per month) is provided 5 months with possibility of further extension

For scholars hosts a variety of seminars and trainings. Currently fellows of the Foundation in Kazakhstan at different times were more than 90 students from different Universities and professions.

The Fund named after Konrad Adenauer, together with the Republic of Kazakhstan actively promotes the implementation of dual system of education based on the example of the German model, including in cooperation with the Serpin.

The dual system originates from Germany. It is therefore important the experience of this country in the introduction of this system.

Mrs. Shepansky is one of the most famous scientists of Germany and Europe, former Minister of education in Thuringia, restorannogo University in Ilmenau, Chairman of the scientific Council of Germany, the President of the standing conference of the Ministers of education and culture of the Federal lands. In this regard, her experience in creating research centres at German universities is valuable to promote the further development of science in RK.