Victory in the Republican contest of scientific works!

A student of 1 course of College of Innovative Technologies Bochkarev Valeriy Alexandrovich took the 3rd place in the VIII Republican competition for the best scientific work “Gylym sharainasy”.

The purpose of this competition is the identification and engagement of youth-oriented research activities to the solution of actual problems of science and practice; the development of students’ interest in scientific heritage; to facilitate processes of formation of the academic leaders, who are able to design innovations and their implementation.

Bochkarev Valery presented project: “Analysis and improvement of patriotic education of youth in modern conditions” to the competition committee. The supervisor of this project is Director of the Research Institute of the Patriotic Education Jakupova Dinara Yermekovna.

The students of secondary and higher educational institutions from all over Kazakhstan took participation in this contest.

Congratulations to Valery Bochkarev and Dinara Yermekovna on victory in the Republican contest, we wish you success, to achieve goals and victories!