Leading trainers of international level are invited to KSTU to exchange experience

09/20/2019, the Department of Physics invited the leading trainers of the international level to conduct a master class at the Department of Physics and Technology for the faculty of the department and athletes of the KSTU team in Greco-Roman wrestling and wrestling. Baktybaev Daulet Kalievich MS USSR honored coach (Spain – Russia).

Arriving at the World Cup in Greco-Roman wrestling of which the city of Nur-Sultan was in Kazakhstan, they willingly accepted an invitation from the Department of the Karst Technical University for visiting, exchanging experience and conducting a master class. In the past, our compatriots, being one of the leading trainers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, trained many athletes of international level, masters of sports of the USSR and the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as champions and prize-winners of competitions at various levels. One of their students is the senior lecturer of the Department of PV of KarSTU MS of the USSR in Greco-Roman wrestling Rakhimbekov Bulat Kulashevich. After their departure to non-CIS countries, faculty members of the Department of Physical Education continue to maintain fruitful relations with former compatriots. They give advice on improving the educational process in the preparation of the national teams of KSTU in Greco-Roman wrestling and Cossack – Kuresi, as well as in the professional development of the specialists of the Department of Physics.