An inter-faculty debate on the topic “Men zhastarga senemіn!” was conducted in the groups ТТ-18-1, ТТ-18-2, ТТ-17-1, ЭЭ-17-1, ЭЭ-16-2, НД-17-1

On April 18, 2019 curators of the KLaC department L.M. Kuleymenova, M.T. Ospangaliyeva conducted an inter-faculty debate on the topic: “Men zhastarga seniemin!” in the groups TT-18-1, TT-18-2

 The purpose of the event: the effectiveness and relevance of the youth year and its conduct. Instill humanity qualities and respect, love for people.

As result of the debate, the winners were awarded certificates and letters of gratitude from the university administration.