In the “Ethnographic Museum” at the department “Kazakh language and culture” KSTU passed informative lesson “Babadan Balagа”

On April 10, 2019 at 15-00 o’clock in the “Ethnographic museum” at the department “Kazakh Language and Culture” of Karaganda State Technical University, a cognitive lesson “Babadan balaga” (from the mouth of people) was conducted within the framework of the direction “Preservation of national identity” of the national program “Rukhani zhangyru”.


The goal: explanation of moral of the centuries-old heritage: the words of aksakals, epics, legends, songs; to give moral, spiritual education to students, to teach them to take an example, to extract the moral of life from the folklore of the Great steppe.

The following teachers of “Kazakh Language and Culture” department organized and conducted a cognitive lesson: candidate of philological sciences N.T. Nygmetova, candidate of philological sciences K.M. Khamzina and senior teachers  G.S. Baypelova, M.A. Khasen, G.M. Abilkasov.