Dear students!

Schlumberger company will hold test on 06.05.2013 at 12.00 in the main building, 337 room for students of the 4th and 3rd courses with GPA 3,5 and higher for the next specialties:

1. Machine building
2. 5BO71700 – Automation and control;
3. 5ВО71700 – Heat power engineering;
4. 5ВО71800 – Electric power;
5. 5ВО71900 – Radio techniques, electronic engineering and telecommunications;
6. 5ВО70600 –and prospecting of mineral resources;
5ВО70700 – Mining;
5ВО71100 – Geodesy and cartography;
5ВО72100 –Chemical technology of organic substances
5ВО72400 – Manufacturing cars and equipment (on fields)
7. 5ВО71600 – Instrument making