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The Department of Internationalization and Strategic Development (UISR) is a structural subdivision of KarTU. A. Saginova, which is part of the Department of Strategic Development.

The main goal of the Office of Internationalization and Strategic Development is to study and analyze the development of the university, determine strategic development directions in accordance with the education development policy of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other higher education strategies, the mission, vision and development policy, as well as expand strategic partnerships with national and international organizations, universities and enterprises.

Primary activity:

  • coordination of the compliance of strategic directions and goals of the university with the strategic goals of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • monitoring the priorities of state policy in the field of education, research and innovation;
  • formation of a portfolio of strategic projects of the University in areas of activity;
  • organization of the strategic planning process, including at the level of structural units and activities;
  • analysis of strategic initiatives made by structural units of the University for compliance with the university development strategy;
  • forecasting the activities of the University for the long term;
  • consulting and methodological support for the formation of strategic plans, development programs of the University units;
  • information and analytical support of strategic planning processes;
  • coordination and monitoring of the main directions of the University Development Strategy;
  • analysis and evaluation of indicators and indicators of the University Development Program and structural unit development programs;
  • assessment of the effectiveness of the implementation of the University’s development programs and the use of the University’s internal and external resources, the preparation of analytical reports on its results and the development of corrective measures for identified deviations;
  • analysis of the reasons for the failure to implement measures to implement the university’s strategy, as well as the development of recommendations for overcoming them.