Center for Public Relations and Rating

International projects
University ratings

The Center for Public Relations and the rating of the Karaganda Technical University is a subdivision of the Strategic Development Department, engaged in information support of activity of the university.

The main purpose of CPRR is to define the strategic directions of development of the university, the university participation in national and international ranking systems, accreditation of the university and educational programs, the expansion of cooperation with international and national organizations, universities and enterprises.


The main objectives of CPRR:

  • study of foreign experience of education system development, analysis of the requirements of the international rankings of universities and the development of proposals for their implementation in the activity of the university;
  • planning and coordination of the University of entering the top of national and international rankings;
  • the development of a rating system evaluation of academic staff and departments of the University;
  • coordination of activities of structural subdivisions of KTU for the collection and provision of information for the rating estimation, an effective system of promotion of staff;
  • analysis of the departments of the University, to prepare proposals on issues related to improving the monitoring and rating indicators;
  • organization of communication of the university policy and control over its implementation; coordination of external and internal communications of the university;
  • creation and implementation of the university’s image concept, the activities of its formation and maintenance;
  • the establishment and development of relations with the media;
  • organization of work for the study of public opinion about the institution and the analysis of its results in order to adjust action plans;
  • the formation of the public via the media a positive image of the University.