December 3 was held inter-institute intellectual quiz “Trinity”, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 7 people- first year students of all institutes took part in it. Participants compete in knowledge of Kazakhstan sport, policy, art, history and literature. Competition held in 4 rounds on 3 languages: in the first and the second rounds participants answered questions on themes “Kazakhstan before Independence” and “Independent Kazakhstan”, earned scores accordingly to the complexity of the question.  All questions were evaluated from 10 to 60 points. In the 3rd round participants compared the chronological dates during one minute. In the 4th round they had to describe sights of Karaganda chosen by them in English language.  The objectives of this event were identify the level of the knowledge, promotion of the patriotism among the youth, to unite students from different institutes. The event was organized by activist of the Union Bureau of IM.