They tried their hand in the International Competition

Within the period form 15/09/2022 to 30/09/2022, V.I. Lenin Ivanovo State Power Engineering University (Russia) was holding the III International Translation Competition – 2022 dedicated to the International Translator’s Day and the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia.

The goal of the competition was to attract the higher education institution students’ attention to the issues of translation of socio-political texts, improving the quality of translation of texts, developing socio-cultural, foreign language, translation and linguistic competences.

Participation in the competition of Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University is becoming a good tradition. The  1-3 year students tried their hand, among them those from the groups: TS-19-1, IS -22-1, SIB -22-2, EE-22-1, Arch-22-5.

According to the results of the competition, Margulan Tazhikeyev, gr.IS-21 -1 (headed by Zh.A.  Azimbayeva) was awarded a diploma of the III degree.

Participation certificates received:

  • Zhakan Bektas (group EE-22-1)
  • Maratov I. (gr. TS-19-1)
  • Agafonova A., Isaev A. (gr. Arch – 22-5)
  • Tulepbergenov T. (gr. VT -22-1s)
  • Kirgizbaev N. (gr. SIB 22-1)

Congratulations to the winner and thanks to all the participants!