Transfer to the next course and repeated training

 Passing grade  GPA (Grade Point Averagestrongaverage mark in the standards of the student on the program you selected (the ratio of the sum of products for the digital equivalent of credit score of the final grade for the subject to a number of credits for the current period of training) is calculated as follows:


where И– the final mark for the discipline, providing for the examination;

ИК2 – the final mark for the discipline, which is only available for a course project (work);

ИС3 – the final mark in the discipline for which is provided as an exam and term project (the work);

К1 … Кn – volumes studied disciplines and practices in the credits for the academic year;

n – number of studied disciplines and practices of the school year.

Academic debts (exams, course projects, or work, reports on practices, differentiated tests) in the disciplines for the academic year and the entire previous period of study included zero (И=0) when calculating GPA student in his translation of the course to the course in translation from specialty to specialty, from university to university.

The level of passing grade for students of all disciplines at the University is set for the 2013-2014 academic year, the Academic Council of the University and of students of correspondence: 1st year -1,8; 2d year – 2,0; 3d year – 2,2; 4th year – 2,2.

A student who is not receiving the fixed pass mark is left by the Rector to repeat the course for training on a fee basis, without the right to study subjects in summer semester.

The student left on the second course of study may finish previously adopted by the individual curriculum or to form a new individual curriculum.

Students who were transferred to the next course with academic debts for the previous period of study for their elimination should be trained according to the subjects on a fee basis to final certification.

Study subjects provided in the form of lectures, practical or laboratory classes in the amount of hours stipulated in the discipline, holding a current, hope, a landmark control (certification) exam. Credits in the discipline are counted if the results of training received positive evaluation.

Elimination of debts on all types of practices are carried out in accordance with their program on a fee basis.

Education for a fee in order to eliminate the academic debt is carried out in accordance with the following rules:

– The trainee after the session for 3 days applies to the Director of the Institute intention to eliminate academic debts;

– The director is considering an application submitted and a positive decision sends the student to design contract for providing paid educational services in PES (cab.309b, main building);

– Payment is made in a bank by number of loans handed over discipline, the receipt of payment available to the Department of payment (cab.221, main building) for registration;

– Training with a view to eliminating debt is organized on the basis of the order of the University, which forms the Office of Registration.

Additional study of the subject includes:

– Visiting students studying with the aim of mastering these disciplines;

– Execution of all training tasks in order to determine the rankings for the discipline;

– Entrance exam for the discipline in a positive evaluation.

The results of the examinations on the subjects of the curriculum specialty absorb additional part of the GPA.

Carrying out of boundary control and intermediate attestation

Transfer and restoration in the number of students end in 10 days before the examination.

Carrying out the control works, term papers and projects in accordance with the curriculum for students of correspondence necessary.

Carrying out of control, term papers and projects must be registered at the department. Deadline for review of examinations to the appropriate department CDI students must be not later than 10 days prior to the session.

Undefended control, term papers and projects are not admitted for exam in the discipline.

Boundary control for the students of correspondence courses is conducted once a semester, during the examination session on the results of laboratory, practical, seminars and defenses performed tests.

Students CDI are not allowed for the session if:

– Debt of pay tuition;

– Academic debts for the previous period of study.

Examinations are held on subjects only in writing or test forms, according the schedule.

Evaluation of educational achievements of students on Boundary control and examinations (intermediate certification), teachers are exposed to electronic statements using the ball-rating system.

Teacher, taking an exam is required before the exam to get acquainted with e-examination list groups and to bring to the attention of students for admission or admission to the exam.

If students did not attend the exam without justifiable reasons, the examination list the mark “did not appear” that is the academic debt.

Within two hours after the exam, exam evaluation made by teacher in an electronic statement. Then formed the final statement, the teacher puts the final grades in the Gradebook and delivers a statement of CDI.

The results of exams and coursework projects of students who have permission to extend the session or to schedule an individual session, shall be entered in an individual examination list, which is issued by the student director for his signature. Individual examination list is valid for three days including the date of issuance and must be brought to a student in the CDI in this period. If you violate deadlines individual statements are not accepted for processing

Re-taking the exam in order to increase positive evaluation is not allowed.

Correspondence students who successfully passed the exams and defended their coursework projects, after the examination session given a statement, calling the next examination session.


FINAL MARK calculation

The final mark on subjects studied by students in-part-time training, which provided for an exam, were calculated using the formula:

И=А2 ´ 0,6 + Э ´ 0,4 , (1)

где А2 – boundary control, which is held prior to exams.

Э – evaluation of the exam;

0,6; 0,4 – important factors of a boundary control and exam.

The final grade for the calculation of GPA in the discipline, studied by students, correspondence courses, which provided course project (work), is calculated by the formula:

ИК= А2 ´ 0,6 + ЗК ´ 0,4 . (2)

где ЗК – mark for defending the course project;

The final grade for the discipline, providing for the course project (the work) and examination of students of correspondence courses, is formed as an average according to the formula 3.