Training Workshop on Engineering Pedagogy

The quality of training in high school depends on the professionally-pedagogical competence of teaching staff, their ability to organize the learning process correctly and critically evaluate their results, from the perspective of their activities.

The Centre of Engineering Education in cooperation with the department “Vocational Education” and SRI of electronic educational technologies in the name of the First President of Kazakhstan conduct Training workshops on Engineering Pedagogy on such topical areas as:

  • Innovative pedagogical technologies in engineering education;
  • The taxonomy of the goals in engineering education, result-oriented;
  • Engineering Pedagogy in Practice (organizational forms, methods and means of practical training; didactics of laboratory studies;
  • Information technology trainings in engineering education;
  • The use of ICT in the development of modern electronic textbooks;
  • Analysis of the lessons in a technical high school as a means of improving the quality of training specialists.


Highly qualified teaching staff, among whom Smirnova G.M., Udartseva S.M., Gotting V.V. Samashova G.E., having the title of “The best teacher of high school.” held the trainings.