Training seminar ‘Technology in the classroom’

22 December 2016, a teacher from the United States Taryn U’Halie held the seminar “Technology in the classroom” for teachers of Russian and Foreign languages Department to increase the use of information technologies at the lessons of English.

In the course of the seminar, it was revealed that in recent years, the issue of the application of new information technologies at the lessons of English increasingly raised. It is not only modern technical means, but also new forms of teaching, new approach to the learning process. The use of multimedia helps to implement a learner-centered approach in teaching provides an individualization and differentiation taking into account characteristics of students, their level of training and proclivity. Learning English with the help of computer programs causes great interest to students.

An important feature of the computer in the educational process in a foreign language is that it can be a ‘dialog partner’ of the student, i.e. to work in a communicative-directed dialog mode, and in a certain way, for example, graphical tools, analyzer, and speech synthesizer to compensate for the lack of natural communicant, simulating and imitating non-speech and speech behavior.

The computer allows you to present the elements cross-cultural nature, the features of the environment and environment on the display that you can use as the background of formation of students’ speech activity in a foreign language. The computer has great potential to build color images, amenable to necessary transformations within the prescribed limits.

Highlights capabilities of the computer make it a great technical tool for various kinds of explanations and generalizations of the phenomena of language, speech, speech activity.

During the workshop, all teachers were actively involved and interested in performing tasks proposed by the teacher from America, also discussed the important present day issues concerning the use of information technologies at foreign language lessons. At the end of the seminar, all participants were awarded certificates.