Training seminar for teachers of KSTU on January 27, 2016

Electronic library system IPRbooks held a training SEMINAR “Using the electronic library system IPRbooks in the educational process”.

The purpose of the seminar: to familiarize students with the capabilities of the ELS, to inform how you can use ELS  in the educational process, to talk about the services and opportunities of their application in the work of the library and teachers (making reports, curricula, manuals, etc.).

It is planned to examine aspects of working with ELS students, undergraduates and teachers. In addition, the questions of indexing of publications in RSCI (including previously published works), the author of collections of articles, the publication of works in electronic form (including disks) with the participation of the company “IPR Media.”

The event will be held on  January 27, 2016 at 13: 00 in the Electronic reading room (main building, 254 AUD).

You have the opportunity to ask questions of the Director of the company and cooperation with ELS.

To participate in the master class, please register:


— Receive handouts and certificate — up to 12.00 (MSK) on January 21, 2016

— WITHOUT getting handouts and certificate — 18.00 (GMT) on January 26, 2016.

Attention! Participation without registration  is possible. But to obtain a complete set of handouts and a certificate can only those who have registered!

On all questions to address in Department of development of the library (main building, 144B room).