Training KSTU faculty at the National Institute of Extensive courses for executives and academic staff in education system of Kazakhstan

Center of Engineering Education supervises the extensive courses Program of faculty in pedagogical specialties of Kazakhstan universities at the National Institute of Extensive Courses and the academic staff in education system of Kazakhstan (NIEC SE) a branch of JSC “NSEC” Orleu”.

Under this program 13 university faculty, conducting the classes for the students of specialty “Vocational training” and “Basic military training” were trained on the basis of Regional Extensive Courses at the expense of the MES, in 2014.

The program was focused on the studying the modules:

  • Modern approaches in continuing education: competence approach, focus on a specific learning outcome;
  • Technology of self-development, self-improvement, self-realization: design and organized approach in the implementation of individual works, the technology development of individual and group projects;
  • Grading results of education: the basis of criterion and summative assessment; funded system of assessment;

Modern digital technology in teaching and learning: technology E-learning, the development of e-learning materials, multimedia technology, U-learning technology and SMART- learning.