Training for new volunteers of YCО «Акниет»

Karaganda state technical university

Karaganda, B.Mira, 56

Phone/fax: 56-88-01

E-mail: Data message October 11, 2012

Dear editors and journalists!

Event: Training for new volunteers of YCО «Акниет».

Date :11 октября 2012 года в 17.00 ч.

Venue: Karaganda state technical university, «ZhastarAlemi» Youth Palace, Tereshkova 38А (behind «Polytechnic» cafe)

Annually students became to get interested in social activity of university and join organizations of our university with the arrival of the first-year students. “Akniet” organization also takes volunteers wishing to help children. Participants of the organization prepare special trainings, game forms and methods of work for this help will be “right”. Training consists of practical and theoretical parts and allows acquiring interesting knowledge and skills of work with children. 14 students will take participation in the training.