Training courses

KSTU holds intake for preparatory department for applicants who didn’t garner liminal ball on the UNT, CTA as well as graduates of previous years. Educational process at preparatory department is organized so to help auditors in maximal way to fulfill knowledge, to prepare for CTA and then to study successfully by chosen specialty.

We have a convenient form of training:

1. For auditors who doesn’t involved in work classes will be held 5 times a week from 16.00-19.00.

2. For auditors involved in work classes will be held 3 times a week-one weekday from 16.00-19.00 and on Saturdays and on Sunday from 9.00-15.00.

Training is conducted by following disciplines: Mathematics, History of Kazakhstan, language (Kazakh, Russian) depending on the language of education, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography (according to desire of the auditor, that is by disciplines of CTA).

Training is carried out on the fee paying base. If you have any question contact by tel: 8(7212)56-78-38.