Total Dictation” competition, dedicated to the International Literacy Day.

In Kazakhstan, the year 2021 is marked by a great date – the 30th anniversary of independence. One of the main achievements of the period of independence is the revival and further development of traditional culture. However, the popularization of culture in the modern society has led to a change in the values of young people, as a result of which literacy and literacy skills have moved into the background and become less relevant.

In this regard, within the framework of the State program “Rukhani zhangyru” in order to actualize and attract interest to the process of maintaining and improving the role of literacy writing, as well as increasing motivation and development of creative potential of students on September 30th the Department of Russian language and culture held a competition “Total Dictation”.  The contest, dedicated to the International Literacy Day, is celebrated annually all over the world to remind the importance of literacy in the life of people and society and the need to strengthen literacy efforts.

The event was attended by 1st and 3rd year state language students.

1st year students: GD-21-2, GD-21-3, SIB-21-1, SIB-21-3, SIB-21-4, PSC-21-1, GK-21-1, CAF-21-1, Arch-21-1, GPR-21-1, GPR-21-2, RET-21-1, SGP-21-1, TS-21-1, OPI-21-2, MV-21-1, Mash-21-1, CT-21-1, HTOV-21-1, TT-21-1, ND-21-1, Met-21-1.

3rd year students: GD-19-1, GD-19-2, GD-19-3, GD-19-4, CAF-19-1, CAF-19-2, CAF-19-3

The text from the article “Kenesary Kasymov” by M. Abdirov was offered for the competition dictation telling about the struggle of khan for the independence of the Kazakh people. The topic of the dictation is timed to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Independence Day in Kazakhstan.

According to the results of the competition the winners were:

I place:

  • Daurenbekov Nursultan (Sib-21-1)

II place:

  • Sembek Araylym (CAF-21-1)
  • Sanuarbekov Sharafadin (GD-21-2)
  • Tazhibayev Tursynbek (OPI-21-2)

III place:

  • Abikeyev Dias (Arch-21-1)
  • Togaybayev Nurzat (HTOV-21-1)
  • Askar Kambaruly (RET-21-1)

Winners of the “Total Dictation” contest were awarded with letters of commendation.

We congratulate participants with the victory! We wish you further success, active creative work and new achievements! And let these achievements be the beginning of a brilliant path to even greater heights!