Topic: Week of the Faculty of Energy, Automation and Telecommunications, Department of “Energy Systems”

03/13/2024 — The Department of “Energy Systems” held a Faculty Week, which was attended by 20 people from Karaganda Higher Polytechnic College.

Senior lecturer Magauin Bekbolat Kuatbekovich organized a tour of the department, where future applicants got acquainted with laboratory stands that are intended for use as educational equipment and laboratory work such as: “Liquid heat engineering”, “Automated solid fuel boiler house”, “Automated thermal point”, “Cryogenic and refrigeration equipment”, “Technical thermogasodynamics”, “Heat transfer of liquid – solid”.

The stands are designed to determine the heat transfer coefficient, for various liquid flow rates, heat transfer and temperatures. To study the operation of a solid fuel boiler, determine the boiler capacity, the magnitude of the thermal load and to study the processes in heating systems, hot water supply and control the operation of thermal points. And also, there was a video showing of the Asia ART LLP enterprise, where applicants learned information about the company and its advantages.