Topic: Faculty Week: Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Departments of “Building Materials and Technologies” and “Architecture and Design”

On 03/12/2024, the departments of “Building Materials and Technologies” and “Architecture and Design” held a faculty week for applicants from colleges and schools in Karaganda.

The event was attended by graduates of the Karaganda Technical and Construction College, Karaganda Higher Polytechnic College and graduates of the N. Nurmakov Specialized Boarding School, Daryn Specialized Boarding School and Secondary School No. 88 in the number of 65 people.

During the event, slide presentations and videos about the educational programs of the departments were demonstrated.

The applicants were addressed by Professor of Technical Sciences, Doctor of the department Smith Zhakulin A.S. with interesting information for graduates of pre-university institutions.

Potential applicants visited laboratory classrooms, where they got acquainted with the tests carried out in laboratories, as well as with the equipment used in the work, and visited the exhibition hall of architecture on the 2nd floor of the first building.