To the Victory Day

In advance of the great holiday-Victory Day Fund of the Museum of University’s history has been replenished with new materials. Lecturer of the Department of Power energy Petrenko Evgeny Alexandrovich handed over to the Museum photography and notes from military diary of Petrenko Alexander Timofeyevich, his father.
Petrenko Alexander Timofeyevich is a veteran of two wars: the White-Finnish company and the GPW. He is a participant of the defense of Leningrad, a veteran of Nevskaya Dubrovka. He is awarded with military orders and medals. He finished the war in Romania. After finishing in 1954 Leningrad Artillery Academy, in the rank of Colonel, was seconded by the Ministry of the Armed forces of the USSR, together with a number of military officers to Karaganda for the creation of the Department of military training reserve officers at Karaganda mining Institute. During the organization of the Department and after its creation, he worked in the post of the chief of artillery cycle. After retirement in 1961, worked at the Department «Labour Protection», then exempt deputy secretary of the party Committee of KarPTI. He was awarded with Honorary certificates of the Ministry of education of the USSR and Кар. regional Committee of the CPSU for his educational and political-educational work.