The tournament among the students of MF in the intellectual game “What? Where? When?”

On April  6, 2015 in the room 401 of the Main building held the intellectual game “What? Where? When?” among the  students of the Mining faculty.
The tournament was attended by three teams from the students of MF, 1 team participated in the Kazakh language and 2 teams in Russian. The game was held in a friendly atmosphere and a good mood.
According to the results of the tournament, first place went to the team of “OIL”, which were Yuri Razumov, Vladislav Kim and Tikhonyuk Vladimir. The team was awarded a diploma and a sweet prize.
The second place took the team “TICK_TACK”, which were Ksenia Zhuravleva, Zhanchaeva Yana, Tatiana Naumova, Kozhabek Nauan.
The third place took the team “Oiynshyldar (the gamers)”, which were Kerpishbai Janyl, Umarova  Alia, Kasen Ruslan and Aimagambetova Zarina. Kim Vladislav won the award “Best player” and was awarded the book and diploma.
We would like to thank  FIT for the audience for the tournament!