The third round of the mobile apps championship nFactorial Challenge was held at KSTU

On 28 January, the third round of the championship mobile apps nFactorial Challenge was held at KSTU. . The event was organized by the CEO company Arman Suleimenov, a former graduate of KSTU and graduate student at Princeton University.

The main purpose of the event is to identify the scientific achievements of students of Kazakhstan universities to prepare 10,000 programmers and launch10,000 software products of the world level.

The main mission is to create conditions for promotion of Kazakhstan producers to the modern world market of software products.

Each participant will have 2 minutes to talk about product (with slides) in front of the jury. Each of 3 winners will receive an educational grant in the amount of 10,000 $ from Yessenov Foundation for 12 weeks of training in the Silicon valley in San Francisco. There, in the summer school, they will be able to show their technical achievements and gain experience from leading masters in the field of programming and marketing such as Guy Kawasaki, Stephen Wolfram, Justin Kane and others.

Mobile applications championship Factorial Challenge takes place in the cities of Almaty, Karaganda and Astana.

More than 110 mobile apps and over two hundred software engineers and designers of international level were launched during one and half year of nFactoria Incubator program launch.

Students of KSTU and NIS took participation in Karaganda championship. Each participant had 2 minutes to tell about the product with slides in front of the jury.

Information about the organizer

Arman Suleimenov. CEO, Founder, Graduate of “Bolashak” program. Graduate, Princeton University (USA). Undergraduate, Purdue University (USA). Formerly – co – founding team of Collections (Y Combinator S12, Mountain View, CA). Finalist of the world championship on programming ACM ICPC World Finals 2009 (Stockholm, Sweden), 2011 (Orlando, USA). Presentation in front of the President of Kazakhstan:

Information about company is a studio of original mobile products. is 12-week summer school programming in Silicon Valley. Since May 2015, the company has launched 110+ mobile apps and trained more than 200 engineers and designers. Our aim is to prepare 10,000 of world-class engineers and launch 10,000 software products.