The summer outing of KSTU “BREAK AWAY”

In 05.06-07.06.15 held the summer outing of  KSTU “BREAK AWAY” in sports camp “Polytechnic” in Karkaralinsk. Residential school of students of  KSTU is a traditional event held in Karaganda state technical University by Union of students of KSTU “Zhas Orda”. 3 days of self-development and team building in various areas, ranging from educational workshops, to bonfires.

The program included trainings, sports games, contests, dancing, backpacking, and climbing to the peak Zhirensakal  (peak Komsomol).

The trainings contributed to the personal development of the participants, the exchange of views between them and highlights the most important information. The trainings were performed by the Deputy Chairman of trade Union of students of KSTU “Zhas Orda” Muradov Ahyad and coach from the “Centre for youth work of the city of Karaganda” Paul Alexandra.

During the visit there was a fascinating game “Day watch” and “Night watch” at the camp. Participants ran through the stations and performed various tasks. The game was able to rally the participants within the team and to raise the spirit of competition between teams.

The game “Mixer” allowed us to explore with all participants. A fun and interesting show, “the Crocodile” and “Sensation”.

Exercises and sports games were held to promote healthy lifestyles, bring to practice outdoor games and sports of youth.

Also contests are “Bright portrait”, “Voice”, “Alphabet”, in which participants showed themselves from various angles. Here the participants was useful to their work and Hobbies, they sang, danced, joked.

Before the retreat, the participants were carried out the candle, where they shared their impressions and wishes over the past few days.

The final event was the closing , which was summed up entire schools, and awarding certificates. 

Comments  of participants

“The chic days of rest after the first school year! The outing was just fine. Glad to new acquaintances and events. I want to say a big thank you, first of all, the organizers of outing, all participants and teams, you are the best!” – Olga Siniutich, gr. MASH-14-4.

“3 days of fun, contests, “patrols”, hiking in the mountains, the best curators and organizers, educational trainings, crazy mood, positive , no cell phones and the Internet, all because of “Zhas Orda”, I have never regretted that entered here. Many thanks to the organizers and to the best team Bonibon for a storm of emotions”. – Almagul Toleubekova, gr. OPI-14-2.


Residential school is a unique platform for a full and comprehensive development of young people. During the residential school students have an opportunity to realize their intellectual and creative potential, develop their personal qualities, acquiring new knowledge and skills, outdoor activities, and motivation for further self-development.