The report of the student quest-marathon “Communicate clearly”

Activists of trade Union of students “Zhas Orda” on  September 18,  2015 held student quest-marathon “Communicate clearly” for first-year students. In quest-marathon was attended by 14 teams of 10 people from all departments of the University. The main objective of the teams was to go through 11 stations, which were located on the territory of educational and ancillary facilities of the University (sports complex, dormitory, Dean’s offices) and family restaurant “Burger Ser”. When passing stations, the participants had to answer questions about the history of the University, as well as to do the job.

According to the results of scoring 1 place took the team of faculty of architecture and construction, 2 place — team of the faculty of mining and honorary 3rd place — team of faculty of information technology.

Our sponsors were paintball club “Dragon”, who presented a certificate for a free game to all members of the team, who took 1st place, and bonus cards for 2 and 3 places; family restaurant “Ser Burger”, which gave 20 free sets of team members, who took 2nd place; and for the team, who took 3rd place school the unique format of “Headquarters” was given a discount card.