Plan of scientific research НИЛ-01 of the department of “Computer Science and Software Engineering” at 2013-14 academic year


Events Period of execution Responsible executors
1 Perform of R & D
1.1  Research and development of automated learning   systems of specialty 5B070400: ” Computer Science and Software Engineering “.

Stage:   “Computer-aided dispatching management of urban transport”.

Initiative work .

2013-14 Staff of the department
1.2  Execution of economic contracts research   “Supply and implementation of information and graphics system for   calculating and adjusting of thermal-hydraulic conditions of heat supply   systems”.

The volume of   financing 1 million tenge .

March 2014 Scientific   adviser

Feshin B.I. ( department of  AIP)

Responsible   executor Tomilova N.I. ( department of   CS&SE)

joint project   with the department of AIP

2 Contracts for   the execution

Research, participation   in competitions – 4

« Development and research of   thermodynamic models of resource in economic systems ». March 2014 Amirov A. Zh.,

Коgai G.D.

« Development of scientific   and methodological foundations for constructing intelligent system of   vocational distance learning based on ontological models » March 2014 Sadanova B.М.,

Коgai G.D.

« Development of a system of   information protection in distributed networks based on deterministic chaos » March 2014 Таilak B.Е.,

Коgai G.D.

Development of   integrated information and graphics software package management regimes   complex heat supply systems megacities March 2014 Brеidо I.V.,

Tomilova N.I.

joint project   with the department of AIP

4 Publications of R & D
4.1  Monographs  -1  

1.  Preparation for the publication of the monograph:   “Simulation of stationary regimes of large heat supply systems”

March 2014 Tomilova N.I.,

Kalinin А.А.

4.2.  Publishing of articles -10 2013-14 Staff of the   department ,



4.3. Participation in   conferences – 20 reports 2013-14 Staff of the   department ,



5 Inventive activity
5.1  Preparation of documents for obtaining evidence of   intellectual property – 2 2013-14 Staff of the   department
6 International activities
6.1  Execution of contracts on cooperation with   enterprises of the corporate university:

•  Limited Liability    “Quartz”

•  Limited Liability  « Tekhol »

•  Limited Liability   « PlyusMikro  company »

2013-14 Resp. Draganova   М.А.
5.1  Implementation of international cooperation   agreements with:

• “Cybernetical   Center” of the Tomsk Polytechnic University.

• Tomsk State  University of Control Systems and   Radioelectronics (TSUCSR).

2013-14 Scientific   adviser

Коgai G.D.

7 Organization and   conduct of scientific seminars at the “Quartz”,  « Tekho»l  enterprises – 8  seminars .
8 Involvement of   students and undergraduates to the research and contractual works– 15 people 2013-14 By plan of scientific research at 2013-14 academic year