The newspaper “For polytechnic knowledge”

The first number issued on November of 1958, contributed greatly to the improvement of educational methodical and educative work at the university. Over 47 years of existence in the pages of newspapers reflected the most pressing problems of the university, students and teaching staff. The efforts of administration and public organizations have focused on the moral, patriotic and aesthetic education of the readers, respect to the native university. With the sense of gratitude Editor of university are reminded: V. Ryamzina (1958-1960 years), P. Kazakov (1960-1965 years), O. Bazhin (1970-1972 years), O. Yakovleva (1973), A. Saltovskaya (1974-1987 , A. Borisova (1987-1990 ), N. Vakhovskaya (1995-2000 ), S. Yusupova (2002).

Newspaper and today is in deserve demand among students and teachers. On the pages of factory newspaper the latest news are regularly published from the life of university, sketches of distinguished students, talented teachers, opinions of the public university on topical problems. Creative heading of the newspaper is very popular, which clearly demonstrates that even among “techies” are the lyrics.

The archive of Newspaper “For Polytechnic knowledge” 2018

The archive of Newspaper “For Polytechnic knowledge” 2017

The archive of Newspaper “For Polytechnic knowledge”