The meeting between the business community of Karaganda region and Shansi province, CNR

May 23, 2015 on the basis of Karaganda state technical University held a meeting between the business community of Karaganda region and Shansi province, CNR.

In the composition of the Chinese delegation at the event will be attended by representatives of the Government of Shaansi  province, the office of Government Commerce and the Association of foreign economic and trade enterprises of XI’an city, and the heads of 15 major enterprises of Shaansi province.

Within the program of business meetings planned industrial regions presentation of investment projects and products manufacturers Karaganda region and Shaanxi province, holding bilateral talks in the format of exchange of contacts between Karaganda and Chinese businessmen.

The event will kick off at 10.00 in the conference hall of the University.

With a salutatory word to participants of the meeting will be made by the head of the Department of industry and industrial innovative development of the Karaganda region Mr. Igembaev T. B. and the head of the delegation of Shaansi province Mr. Zhai bei Qing (Zhai Beigin). A presentation on investment opportunities in the Karaganda region will present Kusainov A. N., acting Chairman of the Board of JSC “Karaganda invest”.

During the meeting, scheduled ceremonial signing of the cooperation Agreement between the Chamber of entrepreneurs of Karaganda region and “Xian Silk Road electronic commerce Co., LTD”.

At the end of the event the excursion the guests from China on innovative scientific and technological complex of the University, and the Confucius Institute on the basis of KSTU.