The main scientific themes of departments FEАT


Faculty of energy, automation and telecommunications

Name of the scientific direction

«Automation systems, energy, energy efficient technologies

and equipment in industry»


Automation of production processes

Yugai V.V.

1.Сreation of a distributed “smart grid” system for monitoring the state of power line supports using combined methods of information transmission.

2.Production and sale of sailing wind farms with an autonomous capacity of 110-201 kW.

3.Creation of a distributed intelligent robotic complex with remote access for training in Industry 4.0 technologies.

System and communication technology

Kaliaskarov N.B.

1. Electromagnetic methods of water preparation for thermal power plants

wind-sun bike

3. Development of highly efficient solar power plants based on two-way modules and intelligent orientation systems

4. Monitoring systems based on fiber-optic technologies.


Turdybekov D.M.

1.   Development of test methods for building materials and products with specified physical and mechanical parameters based on man-made glass fragments

Energy systems

Neshina E.G.

1. Development and research of a model of alternative fuel elements of hydrogen energy based on high-temperature Proton conductors

2. Improve the efficiency of the heat exchange surface of the steam boiler furnace

3. Introduction of a resource-saving Heat Supply System for energy-efficient operation of decentralized facilities

4.Skip pneumatic lifting units, passenger pneumolifts.

5. Analytical study of anomalous electrophysical and magnetic properties of ferroelectrics and corundum zirconium ceramics

Deputy Dean of the FEAT for HP                              G.Nurmagambetov