The main scientific themes of departments FEАT

Main themes

Faculty of Energy, Automation and Telecommunications


Name of research area
Energy Department, automation and telecommunications

“Automation systems, energy, energy efficient technologies and equipment in the industry”



Breydo IV

1 Creating distributed interference-free “smart grid” control system state VLEP supports using a combination of transmission methods informatsii.

2 Production and selling sailing wind power (autonomous moschnostyu110-201kVt)

3. Creation of distributed intelligent robotic system with remote access technologies for learning “, Cosmetics 4.0 “


Mehdiyev AD

  1.Elektromagnitnye water treatment methods for thermal power stations (Mehdiyev AD)

2.Wind-solar bike

3. Development of highly effective solar power modules on the basis of bilateral and intellectual orientation systems

4. The system of monitoring based on fiber technology optichekih


Ayzhambaeva SJ

 1. The development of information-measuring systems based on wireless technology.

Smirnov Yu.M.

1. Development of methods for building materials and products testing with specified physical and mechanical properties based on man-made Cullet

Taranov AV

1. Development and study models of alternative fuel cell hydrogen energy-based high-temperature proton provodnikov

2.Povyshenie efficiency of the heat exchange surface of the steam furnace kotla

3. Implatation of resource-saving heating system for energy-efficient operation of decentralized facilities

4. Skip pnevmop lifting installation, passenger pnevmolifty.

5. Analitic study of abnormal electrical and magnetic properties of a ferroelectric material (KDP, DKDP) and corundum – zirconia ceramics (CCP)