The list of methodical works

THE LIST Scientific and scientifically – Glotov Boris Nikolaevicha’s methodical works for 2008 – 2011 y.y.  

N п/п Name Kind of work Publishing house, magazine (the name, number, year) or copyright certificate number Volume, p Singular
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Establishment of laws of influence of design data of the power block on indicators of a running cycle hydraulic manual betonoloma ИГ-4601 printed The bulletin of the Russian university of friendship of the people. Scientific magazine. A series »Engineering researches», № 3 – M.:Изд-во РУДН, 2008 7
2 Laws of change of indicators of appointment of hydraulic manual breakage ИГ-4601 depending on hydraulic actuator parameters printed Actual problems of the present. The international scientific magazine. A series “Engineering science” № 10, – Karaganda: Publishing house KU “Болашак”, 2008 3
3 Definition of rational design data of the valve hydraulic manual betonoloma printed Мiжнародний зб. наукових праць. «Прогресивнi технологii I системи машинобудувания». Выпуск 35. – Донецк: Изд-во ДонНТУ, 2008. 5
4 Establishment of rational product indicators of appointment of hydraulic manual hammers printed Materials 64 scientific and technical conferences ГОУ of “SibADI” within the limits of the Anniversary International congress «Creative approaches in educational, scientific and industrial activity», devoted to the academy 80 anniversary. The book 1. – Omsk: Publishing house SibAdI, 2010 5
5 Theoretical and practical preconditions of creation of hydraulic manual hammers printed The international scientific magazine «Hoisting-and-transport, building, road, municipal cars and the equipment» Karaganda: Publishing house Bolashak-Baspa, 2011 2,5
6 Creation of domestic hydraulic manual hammers printed The Scientific and technical collection «News of a science of Kazakhstan». Вып. 2 (109), Almaty: Publishing house NTS NTI, 2011 6