The international educational project “Festo-Synergy” 10 years

July 4-6, 2016 at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great has passed international multimedia conference Network partnership of science, industry and education”, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the International educational project “Festo-synergy”.

In the conference took part scientists from Germany, Austria, UK, Spain, China, Russia, Kazakhstan. The honorary guest of the conference was the President of Group of Companies “Festo” (Germany, Austria), Mr. V. Stoll. Curator and head of the conference was the President of the DAAAM Internaional, Professor B. Katalinich (Austria).

The University is a full member of the project “Festo-synergy” and the delegation of our University took an active part in the conference. In 2016. a number of degree projects on specialities “power” and “automation and control” is made on technology project-based learning with a view to protecting the existing equipment on the basis of software and hardware of leading world manufacturers Siemens, Schneider electric, Mitsubishi electric, Festo, Aries etc. To manufacture components of equipment, that use a 3D printer for the Department of APP.

In the framework of the International multiconference carried out presentation of the best graduation projects bachelors and master’s projects on the Internet. Special interest projects of students of the University. The presentation provides a comprehensive diplomas of Aniskina Y. M. and Rogovoi M. S. on the creation of the stand “robots”; Amirbek A. E. and Zhaksybekova Zh.S. on the creation of the stand “Ball-in-tube”; Anikin K. A., and Kopylov S. A. on the creation of the robotic complex ROBOPICA; Gushenskaya O. S. and Kotov M. K., on the creation of software-hardware complex “Railway”; Mazhitov R.R. and Nadina I. S. on the creation the anatomical control system and experimental model of the manipulator;  Ganovskii A.V. and Startsev A. N. on the creation of a combined laboratory complex on the basis of Siemens equipment and environment for programming industrial controllers; Grishina R. D. and Kabakova V. A. modernization of technological lines of Festo mechatronics; as well as individual diplomas Mironenko D. N. modernization of educational booths Fischer-Tech; L. A. Pristroiko for the design of the sensor leakage current of high-voltage insulators on the basis of software for computer-aided design of electrical equipment; Shishikina A. G. to establish a system for stand management of process equipment and Tazhiev T. T. on the creation a training complex for control of parameters of power supply. The President of Group of Companies “Festo” Mr. V. Stoll and President of DAAAM Internaional Professor B. Katalinich highlighted the high level of projects of students of the University and their practical orientation. All students received certificates of “Festo”.

The leaders listed degree projects are teachers of the Department of APP Sichkarenko A.V., Kaverin V. V., Marquardt R. V., Parshina G. I., Kotov E. S. and D. K. Zhumagulova.

At the conference Professor Breydo I. V. was also a presentation of the Republican Centre of “KSTU –Festo-synergy” and the results of its development in the framework of the international educational project “Synergy”.