The international cooperation

Chair of “Social and Humanities”

The department of socially-humanitarian disciplines and Assembly of people of Kazakhstan cooperates with the Yerevan state university (Armenia), and also with branch of the Moscow state university in Bashkortastane in the field of social philosophy and religious studies.

In October, 2010 the doctor of political sciences Atanesjan A. V (YSU, Republic Armenia) came in KSTU for lecturing to the faculty and students of univercity on a theme «International and regional safety».

In the period from 13.10.2012 till 26.10.2012, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy at Ohio University, USA James Petrik. lectured on the subject “History and Philosophy of Science” at the Department of “Social and Humanities”.
Lectures were attended by 120 undergraduates, students and faculty of the Department of “Social and Humanities” of KSTU.
In october 25, 2012 was held a round table discussion with faculty on the topic: “The system of U.S. higher education and the Republic of Kazakhstan: A Comparative Analysis”, at the Department of “Social and Humanities”, with the participation of Professor James Petrik. He made ​​a presentation on theme “The system of higher education in the United States”.
An agreement of international cooperation between KSTU and college of technology and engineering at Ohio State University was transferred.

In the period from 28.05.2013 till 07.06.2013, Professor, doctor of philosophy at Ohio University, USA James Petrik lectured on the subject “History and Philosophy of Science” at the Department of “Social and Humanities”.

In the period from 20.04.2014 till 02.05.2014, Professor, doctor of philosophy at Ohio University, USA James Petrik lectured at the Department of “Social and Humanities”.

In the period from 1.10.2014 till 20.10.2014, Professor, doctor of philosophy  at  USA Fuad Ramies Pakhamber lectured at the Department of “Social and Humanities”. 


International partners