The international cooperation

The department of “Transport equipment and logistic systems”

At the «Department of Transport equipment  and Logistics Systems», students from foreign countries are trained in the educational programs «Transport, transport equipment and technologists» and «Logistics» (Transport).

Department of «TE and LS» signed an agreement on cooperation with the Tyumen Industrial University on two-diploma education.

The chair  of “ТE and LS”  is signed the Memorandum of cooperation in the field of innovative technologies in education sphere and sciences with the Siberian state auto-road academy (Russian Federation, Omsk), the contract on cooperation in the field of innovative technologies with Tomsk state architecturally-building institute (the Russian Federation, Tomsk). Work is underway on the conclusion of the agreement on international cooperation with the Moscow auto-road institute .

There is an application for participation in the international program Tempus-4 (9 projects) with the Donetsk academy of auto transport prepared by the chair of “TE and LS”.

The international cooperation of chair realizes with the following Higher education institutions:

  1. Tumen Industrial University
  2. Tomsk polytechnical university
  3. Tomsk state architectural and construction university
  4. Novosibirsk state architectural and construction university
  5. Novosibirsk state technical university
  6. Omsk state technical university
  7. Louisiana technical university
  8. Siberian state automobile and road academy (SibSARA)
  9. Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (MARI)
  10. Moscow State University of means of communication (MSUMC)
  11. Moscow state construction university (MSCU)
  12. Siberian Transport University
  13. Kazan State Architectural and Construction University

International and academic programs

Now the chair of “ТE and LS” realizes the set of students and undergraduates for participation in the Program on the academic mobility of students and undergraduates.

Academic mobility of students:

Bayzhigitova D.B.,  Arystanbek М.В.Ibrahimov E.H.Ilyasov A. M.Raisbeck M.R.Аubekerov К.А.Salekhova N.Т.,  Оmar D.G.,  Rakhmenda B.Е.,  Serikov М.Zh.,  Koptsev S .

The program of internal academic mobility:

groupТТ-18-2, ТТ-18-s Private institution “Bolashak Academy” (03.09.2018-30.12.2018);

group Log-15-1, Log-16-s Karaganda economic university of Kazpotrebsoyuz (29.01.2018-19.05.2018)

Every year, in accordance with the plan of increasing  qualifications undergraduates are training in leading universities abroad.

The passage of scientific internships by undergraduates and doctoral students of the department in the universities of the CIS countries:

Georgiade I.V.Pak I.A., Karsakova A.Zh.Dauylbaeva B.A., Karashova M.E., Oshanova A.S., Secerbaeva A.F., Shakenov A.A. , Isabaev M.S. , Suleev B.D. , Akarov B.Sh., Esbosynov K.T.,  Amangeldiev N.E. , Balabekov K.G.Zharkenov N.B. , Kunaev V.A. , Zhunusbekova Zh.Zh.Moldabaev B.G., Nartov M.A., Sungatollakyzy A., Sarsembekov B.K., Kasymzhanova A.D.


A memorandum on cooperation in the field of innovative technologies in the field of education and science was signed between Karaganda Technical University and Kazan State Architectural and Construction University.

The head of the department “Road-building machines” of Kazan State Architectural and Construction University Professor Sakhapov Rustem Lukmanovich was elected to the Dissertation Council on specialties 6D071300 “Transport, transport equipment and technology” as a foreign member of Karaganda Technical University

Joint cooperation of Karaganda Technical University with the Siberian State University of Communications is one of the ways to improve the quality of education

From 10 october to 09 november 2018, at the transport faculty of the KSTU at the invitation of the Department “transport equipment and technology” foreign scientist from Novosibirsk (Russia) Professor, doctor of Economics Bykadorov Sergey Alexandrovich, he conducted lectures, practical classes and consultations for students and undergraduates of the specialty “transport, Transport equipment and technology” and “logistics” (Transport) .

Classes were held for bachelor students in the program “Transport logistics and the basics of forwarding services”, “Basics of logistics”, “Transport logistics”, as well as for master degree students in the program ”Trends in the development of logistics TT”

Professor S. Bykadorov in the scientific seminar of the Department of TE&LS spoke about the transport and logistics systems of Russia and shared his experience in the use of various methods of training.

The meeting of the Department “transport equipment and technology” with Professor Bykadorov was fruitful, a range of key issues, not only in logistics, but also in pedagogy were considered. The main conclusion of the seminar was the strengthening of cooperation between the scientific community of Kazakhstan and Russian universities to solve the problems set by the government of Kazakhstan in the education system. The transport faculty  expressed gratitude to Professor Bykadorov for scientific cooperation with our University.

Foreign scientists who visited the Department

Bykadorov S.A., Siberian Transport University (Novosibirsk, Russia Federation), 2018

Bykadorov S.A., Siberian Transport University (Novosibirsk, Russia Federation), 2015

Durhan Saliev, Technical university-sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria), 2014

Danilov А.T., Tyumen Industrial University (Tyumen, Russian Federation), 2014

Arrival of foreign scientists from the Poznan Technical University