The history of the sports club KSTU

The history of the sports club KSTU

In 1996, it was created by a sports club, who for 25 years led the master of sport of boxing M.I.Kan – a graduate of the Leningrad Institute of Physical Culture im.Lesgafta. Receiver M.I.Kana in 1991 became a senior lecturer in SN Kuna.

In October 2008, the decision of the Academic Council of Sports Club became a separate unit of the University.

Currently, created and run sports clubs and 20 sports, which involved more than 400 people.

Throughout history, the university has evolved and sports facilities. In 1963 he was commissioned a part of the main building is being built with the sports hall. However, due to the increasing number of students, a gymnasium did not provide the normal flow of the educational process and training sessions. In 1965 began the construction of a sports complex, the first phase was commissioned in 1969. The sports complex includes: games room, and two specialized halls: wrestling and weightlifting. In 1985 came into operation has 3 rooms: a game room, table tennis room, hall fight.

In 2006, four sites were built with artificial turf. In 2007 he was overhauled hall table tennis, gymnastics hall, built ski center, shooting range. Currently, the sports complex – one of the largest facilities of universities in Kazakhstan. It consists of 9 specialized rooms that are equipped with modern facilities.

The university is rich sports traditions in many sports – volleyball, basketball, athletics, chess, table tennis and other sports.

Sporting defended the honor in the past leading sportsmety-students, and now scientists, heads of departments, the mines, including SU Urazalinov, GM Present, PP Nefedov, Dr. K. Adilov, Y. Wexler and many others

University students became champions and winners of international and national competitions: N.Bobyleva – seven-time champion of Kazakhstan and world champion in kickboxing, V.Muravev – a member of the national team of Kazakhstan in athletics, party XXIX and XXX of the Olympic Games, S.Sapiev – two-time world champion, Olympic champion in boxing (London, 2012)., A.Pankrashov – absolute champion of Asia in powerlifting (g.Udanpur, India) A.Bazarbaev – winner of the Cup of Kazakhstan, bronze medalist of the World Sambo (Moscow 2012 g) N.Seyduali – world champion Pankration Championship (Greece, 2012.) A.Komarov – World Championship silver medalist (US) and Europe (Russia), weight-lifting, X Mutsolgov – Asian champion (Baku , 2012.), and B.Kasimov V.Kuzhahmetov – medalists of Kazakhstan in powerlifting.

Since 2001, it resumed the Summer and Winter Universiade universities of Kazakhstan, which were excellent students of our university. Champions and prize-winners are: S.Sadykov (FEM), E.Perepelitsyn (EMF) A.Lysenko E.Bibikova – table tennis; A.Ryapolova (MF), D.Romanov (EMF) – athletics; V.Kuzhahmetov (GEF) – powerlifting.

Traditionally held at the University of 3 Olympics “Freshman” – 6 sports interinstitute Olympics 15 species Olympics “Cheerfulness and health” among the faculty and staff at the Cup of Rector of 6 species. Excellent university teams were 2, 3, 4 high schools sports games for prizes of Akim of Karaganda region, where for 3 years took the first team place.

1 winning team volleyball (men.), Chess, all-around winter, cross country skiing, basketball.

2nd place: skating, football, n / tennis, athletics, togyz-kumalak.

3rd place: kazaksha kures, volleyball (women).

In the last year by the University pays great attention to the department and the sports club. Allocate funds for the purchase of sports equipment and equipment for the educational process and training sessions on sports, as well as research on the department. In 2012, it was renovated gyms and landscaping the area around the sports complex.