The head of the chair of the Kazakh language and culture

Chair of the Kazakh language and culture

Kalybekova Kalamkas Sagindikovna was born in 1972 in the Karaganda region.

In 1994 she graduated from the philological department Buketov KSU, she defended her candidate’s desirtation in 2007 under the supervision of the doctor of philological science. On the dissertation soviet of the Al – Farabi Kazakh national University was defended candidates dissertation named “Alpysynshy zhyldardagy kazak adebi syny”. In 2011 was awarded scientific degree of  associate professor             in “History and criticism of literature” speciality.

In 1994 she began working as a teacher at the Karaganda pedagogical institute. There she worked from 1994 till 1996, from 1996 till 2008 she worked at Buketov KSU.

Beginning with 2008 she workes the head of the chair of the Kazakh language and culture at the Karaganda State Technical University.

Some of her works include over 40 scientific publications in journals with impact factor included in the international database Tompson Reuters, Scopus, 2 monograph.

Under her leadership, performed scientific research project on «Әдеби өмір және сын»

Каlybekova Каlamkas Sagyndykovna got an underback and rank of the “best teacher of institution of higher learning 2014.


Kalybekova Kalamkas Sagindikovna was awarded with the following diplomas:

–         I degree diploma of the II regional media – classes;

–         for active participation in the paring the regional festival named “Memlekettik til – dostyk pen kelisim tiregi”;

–         the letter of gratitude from the Department of home policy of the Karaganda region from Lubarskaya for promotion of cultural relations and patriotic works;

–         the letter of gratitude from Buketov KSU rector Kubeev for active participation for competition “ Kyz syny”;

–         diploma of the Karaganda tele – and – radiocorporation;

–         the letter of gratitude from major – general Zyaksylykov R;

–         the letter of gratitude from “ Bolashak” rector Dulatbekov for participation in competition “Memlekettik til – menin tilim”;

–         the letter of gratitude from KSTU rector Gazaliyev A.M. for:

organizing in internet – Olympiad among the pupils of the Karaganda region;

organizing a competition “ Aitys” among the pupils of the Karaganda city;

–    the letter of gratitude from dean of philological department Buketov KSU    for participation in around table “Tugan tilim – tiregim”

Kalybekova Kalamkas Sagindikovny’s list of the science and science-methodical