The Goethe-Institut invites you to a concert of German jazz group PASSACAGLIA.

The music is so rarely cautiously crosses the border. This Quartet Munich saxophonist Hugo SIGMET who  was born in 1970  sounds like jazz as the music of the Baroque, chamber music of the early 20th century.

At the intersection of different musical styles, the ensemble draws inspiration from the richness of different cultures, legends and myths, songs from the Romanian Banat and in the folklore treatments Bartok, in Turkmen and dancing to the smooth tunes of Kazakh music. In one of the songs written in 6 parts, in contact with each other motifs from the Kyrgyz epic Manas and jazz improvisation. This music contact will be first demonstrated to the public in the framework of the Central Asian tour at the invitation of the Goethe Institute.


Here are organically intertwined different worlds. Different epochs sound together – and in doing so, nothing looks deliberate. Absolutely beautiful natural sound conveys the mood, then the other. Defines the process the magic word: “Passacaglia”.

TIME: 4 April 2015, 17:00

VENUE: Concert hall “Shalkyma”

Admission is free (with the support of akimat of Karaganda region).

Passacaglia Приложение