The Event “Baursak Party”

On March 19,  2015  from 15:00  to 20:00   in the cafe “Polytechnic” in celebration of  Nauryz  will be a traditional event “Baursak Party”.

The aim of the event is to promote the customs, traditions, culture and history of the Kazakh people, the emphasis on patriotism among the students of the University.

Organizer of the “Baursak Party” was organized by the Union of students and undergraduates  “Zhas Orda”.

The event will be attended by more than 100 students from all courses of  the University.

The children prepared a festive concert will also show skits about the traditions of the Kazakh people and  cook  bauyrsak.

“Baursak Party” will  finish with  rewarding the best and the presentation of gifts from sponsors.