The complex of measures on prevention and combating corruption and educating students:

  1. system of open training sessions and workshops (more than 300 within a school year);
  2. weekly 6 orders on the monitoring results of 53 heads of divisions and members of Council of Elders on students attendance in training sessions , and duty of teachers in the student dormitories, as well as expanded research and pedagogical analysis of the quality of teaching and Supervisory hours;
  3. weekly operational meeting of heads of departments (deans, head. departments) on issues of improvement of quality of educational process;
  4. a report on the organization and carrying out the action “clear session”;
  5. smooth operation of the blog of the Rector;
  6. verification of examinations by Vice-rectors, deans, heads of departments, members of the Board of Elders, head. departments;
  7. continuous work of Public reception, telephone, installed in housings boxes;
  8. the examinations conducted by independent instructors, usually in writing;
  9. the curator hours examination of issues of corruption and strict adherence to the Code of honor of faculty and students;
  10. active work with parents of students;
  11. each semester conducting sociological research on a theme “Corruption in higher education institutions”.

Анализ посещаемости
One of the positive measures implemented in the University to combat possible manifestations of corruption, is

  1. the transparency of the current and intermediate certification;
  2. the possibility of providing students with appeals on all forms of control;
  3. strict compliance of the educational activities of the University Rules of credit technology of study and the current, intermediate and total certification