The Bologna process and Kazakhstani realities

bjlThere was published scientific monograph of famous scientists: Doctor of Engineering Sciences, KazNANS Yury Pak and Laureate of State Award RK, academician NAS RK Arstan Gazaliyev “The Bologna process and Kazakhstani realities”.

Problems of the Bologna process have become one of the most urgent. Interest to academic community and society in common to the Bologna reforms in higher education is quite natural, 47 countries of Europe have joined to pan-European project to establish common space of higher education.

The Republic of Kazakhstan which joined to the Bologna process in 2010 expressed a desire to modernize higher education in accordance with International standards.

How justified the participation of Kazakhstan’s higher school in the Bologna process? Are there social-economic and organizational-methodological preconditions for the reform of the higher school? Is there a willingness of the academic and business community to adopt the principles and instruments of the Bologna process? How to ensure comparability of the quality of education?
Problems of the development of higher education in the context of the Bologna reforms became subject of this monograph publication. In a basis of the book were put summarizing results of research of the authors with the involvement of the survey-analytical materials on the Bologna process, the communique of the Ministers of Education of European countries, numerous publications and materials of international conferences on this issue.
A distinctive feature of the monograph, set out on 417 pages, consists in the fact that it provides a critical view and conceptual judgments about the orientation of the reforms of higher education in the context of the Bologna process.

In Kazakhstan the book is the first attempt to monographic review of the Bologna process, its basic principles and practical implementation in the conditions of globalization of education, taking into account Kazakhstan reality. Presented material will increase the level of awareness of the scientific and pedagogical community and in the whole of the Kazakhstani society about the essence of the Bologna process, and its problematic aspects and identify the correct guidance of the modernization of the higher school.
For Kazakhstan, which goal is to enter the number of the 30 most developed States of the world, the account of the scientific-methodological research is of great practical importance, as it is difficult to overestimate the priority role of higher education in the sustainable development of country’s economy.


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