The ball of rector

On May 3, at hotel complex «Olympia» was held “Rector’s Ball” devoted to the 60th anniversary of Karaganda state technical University.
The event followed a strict dress code: gentlemen were in black suits, ladies were in white floor-length dresses. The programme of the holiday was drawn up in accordance with the classical canons of the Vienna Opera ball, and an integral part and adorning of the ball were debutants from the number of University’s students. The event was attended by 60 students – this symbolic figure reminds about round date of KSTU. Polonaise opened the event, further on the programme were Golden waltz. The initiator of the event was Trade Union of students and undergraduates «Zhas Orda». Thus, they decided to celebrate the 60-th anniversary of the University.

Events of such type hasn’t been held before. Participants of the ball danced a waltz, creating a festive mood. Students also performed choreographic, musical numbers.
The aim of this event was organization of an aesthetic cultural leisure of students, to promote secular etiquette, stimulation of social activity of students.
The students of University have made the first steps in this direction – it is planned to unite resources of the University and trade unions, to hold such festivals every year.
«Today, young people along with assimilation of the technical knowledge, must also have the basis of such events. Today these are young people, and tomorrow they will go to production. They should be comprehensively developed», – said the rector of KSTU A.M. Gazaliyev.