The announcement of the competition for grant financing of scientific research

The Committee of science of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan announces a competition for grant funding for research in 2015-2017 years,with total funding of 19 billion. KZT.

The competition is held in the following areas:

fundamental research on the priorities of development of science;

development of applied research and development priorities of  forced industrial-innovative development;

– applied researchwith the involvement of  national companies or real sector, including the applicant, or a business partner with a share of  25%;

– applied research with foreign scientists (including as co-Director of  the project).

The responsible person is the main expert of management of scientific research and innovative activities: Imangazieva A.K.
The competitive documentation is available on the website of the Committee of science of the  Ministry of education and science of RK: Consultations on explanation of the competitive documentation, and on the preparation of the application you can obtain by phone: 8.7172. 74-24-79; 74-24-84; 74-16-59.The bids are provided by post with advice of receipt to the address: 010000, Astana, Saryarka district, Orynbor street 8, 11, cab. 1049, the Committee of science of the Ministry of education and science of RK.

The deadline for submitting bids comes after 60 (sixty) calendar days from the moment of announcement of the competition.