Alumni Club

Innovation Technology faculty

Association of graduates of the faculty of innovative technologies!

Each stage in the formation and development of the university is a clear evidence of the successful preparation of highly qualified specialists and their relevance. Established in 1953, the Karaganda Mining Institute was soon transformed into Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, and now Karaganda State Technical University. Today KSTU is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Kazakhstan. KSTU was and remains a real smithy of engineering personnel, as well as specialists in many other technical professions.

The Alumni Club of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies offers graduates further development of the competences received during the training at the faculty and additional advantages in the promotion of their ideas and projects, career development.

A separate and very important task of the Club is to support various initiatives of graduates, to expand the range of clubs that unite graduates with common interests.

The strategic goal of the Graduate Club of the Faculty is to create an infrastructure for the professional development of graduates of one of the best faculties in Kazakhstan, focused on the preparation of competitive specialists.

The expected result is the formation of an active network of graduates of the faculty, which contributes to increasing the professional recognition of graduates, the quality of teaching at the faculty and the scientific research carried out by it.

We wish our graduates success and will be happy to see you always at your own university!

Contact details:

Address: Karaganda, 56 Nursultan Nazarbayev Ave., main building, office 408а

Phone number: 8(7212) 56-54-44; доп: 56-75-98, 56-10-23



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